The Hacker News is a great site to find tech related news and comment.

The content is voted on, with more popular articles climbing through the ranks to reach page 1 whereupon the respective sites hosting the linked-to-articles experience what has come to be known as “The Hacker News Effect.”

In short, the resulting deluge of traffic from HN (Hacker News) places a heavy burden on the servers hosting the popular articles, and since the audience is made up of some of the best developers in the business critiques will be forthcoming!

If you’re looking for the latest “0days” or a “Havij alternative,” you’re in the wrong place, as HN is NOT a cracker community, it is a Hacker community in the original spirit of the term.

The topics are widely variable, and the comments range from flippant (discouraged and likely to be downvoted) to well thought out and concise.

The community is (mostly) self-policing, with unpopular comments quickly being voted into oblivion, and repeat offenders often find their accounts “Hellbanned,” where the subsequent posts from the “Hellbanned” account[s] being unseen by the rest of the community.

HN is one of my daily reads and is highly recommended.


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