Oliver’s Blog & the BCM 4313 – A fix!


A day or so ago, I wrote an entry concerning my dreaded Broadcom 4313 wireless device and the tribulations involved in getting this piece of proprietary crap to run acceptably on a BSD based OS. This device also gave me problems on some of the more popular *nix distros, such as Kali, and Lubuntu, with the latter two systems only working sporadically with the default Broadcom drivers for those systems.

So tonight, with a house full of screaming grandchildren, I knuckled down and wiped my hdd, then installed FreeBSD 9.2, in order to see if I can’t get this damned Wireless device to operate in a marginally acceptable manner under FreeBSD.

After a day of off-again, on-again, searching, I stumbled across “Oliver’s Blog” and his post dealing with how he got his BCM4313 device to operate in FreeBSD.

His instructions are fairly straightforward and to the point, so I’ll not repeat the steps here, but instead will link the reader to the aforementioned blog post. (why reinvent the wheel?)

Many thanks to Oliver’s Blog for this infornation, as it worked for me quite nicely.




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