More about BCM 4313 WiFi on *nix

"There are separate tarballs for 32 bit and 64 bit x86 CPU architectures.
Make sure you use the appropriate tarball for your machine.Other than 32 vs 64 bit, the hybrid binary is agnostic to the specific
versions (3.5.X) and distributions (Fedora, Ubuntu, SuSE, etc).  It performs all interactions with the OS through OS specific files (wl_linux.c, wl_iw.c,osl_linux.c) that are shipped in source form. You compile this source on your system and link with a precompiled binary file (wlc_hybrid.o_shipped) which contains the rest of the driver."

I’m not sure how to use this on FreeBSD, but I’m thinking that since it’s a Linux driver that FreeBSD linuxisms might work to get this device communicating with the FreeBSD system.


I’ll report back regarding my success, or the lack thereof, using the above method.


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